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Different Types Of Attestation With Different Functions

Different Types Of Attestation With Different Functions

02 Nov , 2023

Different Types Of Attestation With Different Functions


Different Types of Attestation | Attestation Service by Genuine Attestation


Different types of attestation. Best attestation service by genuine attestation. For working or living in different countries you need an attestation certificate. Genuine Attestation provides different types of attestation services.


Many of us want or plan to go abroad for education, business or work. So as we all know for moving abroad, all we want is a visa, passport and attested document. Now many of you thinking what does an attested document mean? Hey, everyone, we welcome you all to our blog where you will find out about different types of attestation


What is Attestation?


Attestation means that your document is verified by an authentic person or company. Just imagine you are happily going to UAE for work and suddenly you get to know that you have been rejected because of your document. 


Attestation verifies your document that it is approved by the legal person or government. And it all verifies that your document is fully authenticated and original. The certificate attestation is generally done to prove the documents as legal papers and no one can object at the time of entering a foreign country.


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Attestation Certificate


An attestation certificate is the process of attesting official certifications. It is getting the appropriate stamp or signature on your certificate from the relevant authorities to confirm its legitimacy. This procedure involves several authorities and requirements. On the backside of the paper, each of these authorities adds their stamp. Well, the certificate attestation process depends upon the motive of use. As well as the foreign destination where it is going to be submitted also keeps matters as the law varies from one nation to another. The certificate attestation process is managed by two departments of India called – MEA (The Ministry of External Affairs) and HRD (Human Resource Development Department).


Why You Need To Get Your Document Attested?


There are several reasons why you need to get your document-attested certificate or document is needed, both inside and external to the country. If your document gets attested you will easily open a bank account, getting admission in college or you can even buy your house as well. Now, there are different attestations for different types of work. 


Different types of Attestation 


For every different work, you need different types of documents. Genuine Attestation Services provides different types of attestation such as -


Embassy Attestation


For many documents, this kind of attestation is the last stage in the procedure but it is crucial as well. For usage in their jurisdiction, the destination country's embassy issues a certificate confirming the document's validity. Every country's embassy has its own rules and regulations.


MOFA Attestation


MOFA stands for Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the relationship between countries. There are some Gulf countries for which you need MOFA attestation. The countries are - 

  1. Bahrain
  2. Kuwait
  3. Oman 
  4. Qatar
  5. Saudi Arabia
  6. UAE ( United Arab Emirates)


HRD Attestation


HRD stands for Human Resource Department. It involves the personal document to be attested. The documents such as - marriage certificates, death certificates and much more. 


Apostille Attestation


Apostille attestation is also known as MEA attestation. MEA stands for Ministry of External Affairs. It is a method of attesting the necessary papers to make them accepted in any nation that is covered by the Hague Convention.

There are more than 116 countries where MEA attestation is applicable. Apostille documents are issued by a competent body specified by the issuing nation of the document.



Notary Attestation


The basic process of authentication known as Notary Attestation is completed before other Attestation procedures and results in the document bearing a Notary Public Offices Notary Stamp. This might be thought of as the initial step. A document becomes legally binding with notarization, paving the way for additional attestation and legalisation procedures. It is often received in the form of a signature from the neighbourhood notary.


Now as we go through the different types of attestation and their importance. It's time to know about the documents needed for different types of attestation.


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Document Needed For Different Attestation


Every attestation requires different documents. Documents play an important role. Let's find out about the different documents needed for attestation such as - 


Educational Certification


Such kinds of attestation services are taken to achieve a high level of education. So, students who want to study abroad to get the advanced level, of course, can go for an education certification program. It involves verification that is usually conducted by the educational institution, a local government agency, and the destination country's embassy. Educational documents are - Mark sheets, B Tech. degree, B.Com degree, Chartered Accountant degree, MBBS and other education certificates required for different attestation.


Non-Educational Certifications


These kinds of attested certificates are in demand. It contains activities like marriage, transfer, experience proof, divorce-proof, death proof and others where temporary certificate attestation is necessary.


Commercial Document


In this different types of certification of company registrations, trade licences, and other business-related paperwork are needed.


Why Genuine Attestation Services For Different Types Of Attestation?


We offer different types of attestation services in Delhi at an affordable price. The reasons to choose Genuine Attestation Services are -

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  • Wide Services - We are a one-stop solution for your attestation work. We provide a wide range of attestation services. 
  • Pickup and Drop Services - You don't need to go anywhere for your attestation work. We provide the pickup and drop services of your documents in over India.
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Attestation certificates are essential documents for individuals planning to move abroad for education, business, or work. They verify that a document is authenticated and original, ensuring its legitimacy and legality. Genuine Attestation Services offers various types of attestation services, including embassy attestation, MOFA attestation, HRD attestation, apostille attestation, and notary attestation. Educational certificates, non-educational certifications, and commercial documents are some of the documents needed for different types of attestation. Genuine Attestation Services offers a wide range of attestation services in Delhi at an affordable price, providing a one-stop solution for attestation work. They also offer pickup and drop services, ensuring convenience for clients. The process is managed by the Ministry of External Affairs and Human Resource Development Department.

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