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Genuine Attestation Services is one of the best attestation companies for Embassy attestation services, HRD Attestation , MEA Attestation, Apostille attestation, Educational attestation, Document attestation and Non-educational attestation certificates for all countries embassy.

We have been in the industry for 10+ years and we have established ourselves as trusted providers of attestation services, earning a reputable name in the industry. If you have any problem related to attestation, we offer comprehensive solutions, tailored to meet all your requirements.

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GAD Attestation and other attestation.



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For over a decade, we have specialized in delivering Embassy Attestation, Apostilles, and Document Attestation Services. Our dedicated team of experts adeptly handles each task with efficiency.

Our exceptional success rate of 99% and a satisfied client base exceeding 5000+ speak volumes about our commitment to excellence.


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Get the Answers You Need: Find Solutions to Common Queries and Concerns in our Frequently Asked Questions. Explore our FAQ resource to address any uncertainties, learn more about our services, and make informed decisions. Empower yourself with knowledge and clarity. In case you don't find answers to your questions please feel free to submit the enquiry form.

Q.1: What is Certificate Attestation?

A formal document must be attested to in order to prove that the parties who are obligated by its terms were correctly represented by their signatures. A legal recognition of a document's veracity and confirmation that the right procedures were followed are both known as attestations.

Q.2: Why Is embassy attestation needed?

In order for a document to be properly acknowledged, embassy attestation is the process of confirming the validity of documents issued in a nation. This procedure is necessary since it is challenging for the authority or department to ascertain whether the document is genuine or not.

Q.3: How much is the cost of certificate Attestation?

The cost of certificate attestation varies from state to state. However, the state authorities charge different fees, and it totally depends upon their regulations. You will have to pay minimum fee for certificate attestation at Certify Global Services.

Q.4: WHY Choose Genuine Attestation for Certificate Attestation?

Genuine Attestation has been in business for over 6 years and has earned the reputation of providing the Best Attestation services in India. Let us confirm how we can provide you with the best services:


Quick and Dependable Service - The services are genuine and legal, and we quickly verify your paperwork. 

Availability of services in Pan  India - Certify Global Services has been operating for more than five years, and today it has offices all around the country that offer the greatest services to its customers. 

24 hour customer service - Contact us any time, day or night, and we'll take the time to consider your concerns and offer solutions. 

Excellent Service - In our company, we have facilities that are real and of the highest quality. 

Comfort for the client - Clients are important to us, and we are tech smart enough to make our services available to our customers. 

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For over a decade, we have specialized in delivering Embassy Attestation, Apostilles, and Document Attestation Services. Our dedicated team of experts adeptly handles each task with efficiency.

10+ Years of Experience

Our years of experience is a testimony to the fact that we can handle any project with ease.

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We are a team of experts with a comprehensive skills and knowledge to get the complex job done easily.

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We take care of your attestation needs from pick-up till delivery. We understand the value of time when it comes to attestation

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