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Nigeria Embassy Attestation

Nigeria Embassy Attestation

Nigeria Embassy Attestation

Nigeria Embassy Attestation

Nigeria Embassy Attestation | Best Attestation Services For Nigeria

Nigeria Embassy Attestation. If you are someone who wants to visit Nigeria for studying, living and work. Visit Genuine Attestation for Nigeria attestation and apostille certification.

People who are planning to apply for a residence visa or employment visa for Nigeria or want to seek higher education in this country or need admission to a school then it is mandatory to get the different certificates attested. 

There is a procedure that needs to be followed for the Nigeria Embassy Attestation certfication. Here are the details - 


Educational Attestation Certification For Nigeria: 


If the educational certificates have to be attested then they first have to be attested by State Level Attestation Department / General Administrative Department (GAD) / Higher Education Department (HED) / Regional Attestation Center (RAC). Only once the certificate is attested by the State attestation department it can be sent for MEA attestation.

  1. The attestation process will end at the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi (Apostille).


Documents Needs By the Nigeria Embassy Attestation


  1. Original education certificate that needs to be attested.
  2. Photocopy of all the mark sheets
  3. Photocopy of the passport
  4. 2 passport-size photographs of the person whose certificates are to be attested.


Non-educational Documents Attestation For Nigeria:


  1. The first step will be attestation by State Level Attestation Department / General Administrative Department (GAD) / Regional Attestation Center (RAC). 
  2. Final attestation will be done at the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi (Apostille).


The documents that need to be submitted are:


  1. Original certificate
  2. Photocopy of the passport 
  3. 2 photographs of the person whose certificate has to be attested.


Commercial document certification for Nigeria:


  1. First, the document has to be attested by the respective chamber of commerce.
  2. This will be followed by the MEA attestation which is the Ministry of External Affairs attestation.
  3. Finally, the attestation will be done by the embassy of Nigeria.


Documents that need to be submitted are:


  1. The original commercial document that needs to be attested
  2. A letter on the company letterhead that gives the reason for the attestation. The letter has to be addressed to The Nigeria Embassy. The letter has to be duly signed by the concerned authority.

Best Attestation Services For Nigeria


The process for embassy attestation is always going to be a long one. But you do not have to worry We make it easy for you. Genuine Attestation Services has been providing different types of attestation services for many years and will be happy to assist you as well.

Services provided by us are - Attestation services for Nigeria, Apostille service for Nigeria, Educational attestation certification for Nigeria and document attestation for Nigeria. All the documents are verified by the Nigeria Embassy Attestation in Delhi.  

Just get in touch with us . We will guide you with proper documentation required for service and we will take up the responsibility of completing the attestation process. For details about the number of days needed to complete the process, about the price you just call us or mail us. We are there for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Q.1: To what extent may a degree certificate be verified Nigeria embassy attestation after it has been issued?

First, know that not all degrees undergo the nigeria embassy attestation procedure. The organization that issued the document is largely decisive. The appropriate authorities at the appropriate embassies must attest to your degree credentials. Hiring an attestation agent can simplify the procedure considerably. Duration of Attestation Process for a Diploma: This duration is typically determined by the country that issued the document. The attestation agent takes roughly two days to send the submitted papers to the target country. When your documents finally reach the issuing country, they will go through several steps, including notarization, home affairs processing, and embassy attestation. The time needed to complete this process depends on the embassy's processing times.

Q.2: Why do you need to have your documents attested by the Nigerian Embassy?

The attestation of your Educational, Personal, and Commercial Certificates by the Nigeria Embassy comes with its own set of privileges, including the following: To obtain an Employment / Job / Work visa, establish a business, change the Sponsorship or Change the Resident Visa, Change the profession and transfer a Job and higher salary, and Change the Resident Visa, an educational certificate attestation is necessary.When applying to any college or school in Nigeria, you will need an education document that the Nigerian Embassy has authenticated. Aspiring students in various academic fields now have access to previously unavailable avenues of possibility.Obtaining a Nigerian residence visa for oneself and one's family, changing one's sponsorship or one's resident visa, changing one's designation and applying for a family visa for one's parents, changing one's title for family status and changing one's visa status while traveling outside of Nigeria all require a personal document that the Nigerian Embassy has properly legalized.If you have a commercial document the Nigerian Embassy has authenticated, you can win more contracts in Nigeria. Additionally, having this document will assist you in establishing a firm, exporting and importing goods, and enhancing your credibility in business.

Q.3: How does one go about obtaining an attestation from the Nigerian Embassy?

The steps needed to authenticate or legalize educational certificates by the Nigerian Embassy are outlined below. The Embassy set the procedure of Nigeria Embassy attestation, and it was required that educational certificates be attested by the Human Resource Development (HRD) Department. Step 1: - The Human Resource Development (HRD) Department will deliver the necessary documents and certificates to the University for verification. Step 2: - The Human Resource Development (HRD) Department will attest the original documents and certificates as soon as they have obtained verification from the University. Step 3: - After the HRD Department has completed its review and authentication of the original documents and certificates. Step 4: - Subsequently, to receive an attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi. The document and certificate will be forwarded to the Nigerian Embassy or Consulate to complete the attestation and legalization processes.

Q.4: What are the Fees for Getting an Attestation from the Nigerian Embassy?

The prices for documents and certificates attested by the Nigerian Embassy vary depending on the document type or certificate. It also depends on whether the certificate holder wants a standalone service or a solution that covers everything from beginning to end. Having educational, personal, and commercial certificates authenticated by the Nigerian Embassy is lengthy and involves. The following list contains some documents; however, this list is not exhaustive and may have other copies. We are committed to maintaining the openness of the process now being carried out, and we will keep you apprised of any developments. Only those with valid credentials are permitted to work for the company. Your requirements are of the utmost importance to us. Procedure of Nigeria educational certificate will help you to get the job done for you, no matter what authorization is required from the notary to the Embassy. They provide legalization services at all accessible levels.

Q.5: Why it is necessary for you to complete this process?

To successfully carry out the attestation and legalization procedure, provide experienced handling and extensive knowledge of the attestation process. Their staff has the necessary training and experience to handle situations and the skills and knowledge to deal with the official departments realistically. They are ready 24*7 to serve our customers.Any unanticipated holdups in the processing are communicated to the customer in advance, along with an explanation.They save the time you would otherwise spend learning the procedure for authentication or legalization.There will be no delays and that there will be no carelessness in the procedure. If you need prompt attestation services in Nigeria, you should research the criteria that authorized attestation agents there must meet. Whether in terms of professionalism or trustworthiness, the organization must be exhaustive in these areas.

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