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Taiwan Embassy Attestation

Indian document that are supposed to be used in Taiwan must be legalized and attested from the Taiwan Embassy.

Taiwan Embassy Attestation

Taiwan Embassy Attestation

Indian documents that are supposed to be used in Taiwan must be legalized and attested from the Taiwan Embassy. Attestation on these documents mean that they can now be used in Taiwan for whatever reasons they are supposed to be used. Taiwan Embassy Attestation means that the documents have been witnessed by the signature/seal of any person/ Government Department or authorized agency by the Government and are genuine.

Purpose of Getting Taiwan Embassy Attestation


  1. For applying a residence visa.
  2. To get admission to Taiwan.
  3. To get an Employment Visa.
  4. To register the offices in Taiwan.
  5. To open the Branch office in Taiwan.
  6. To authorize the somebody to act on behalf of the attorney.
  7. To export the goods/services.


Process Educational Documents


  • HRD Authentication.
  • Ministry of External Affairs Attestation (MEA)
  • Taiwan Embassy Attestation.

If the documents are educational then they should first be attested from State HRD where the university is located. After that they should be attested from Ministry of External Affairs and at last Taiwan Embassy will attest the document.


List of Education Documents


  • Degree Certificate 
  • B.COM Certificate 
  • M.COM Certificate 
  • B.ED Certificate 
  • B.A Certificate 
  • M.A Certificate 
  • M.SC Certificate 
  • B.SC Certificate 
  • PHD Certificate 
  • MBA Certificate 
  • BBA Certificate 
  • MBBS Certificate 
  • MD Certificate 
  • Dental Certificate 
  • Diploma Certificate 
  • B.TECH Certificate 
  • B.E Certificate 
  • M.TECH Certificate 
  • AutoCAD Certificate 
  • ITI Certificate 
  • Etc.


Process for Personal Documents -


  • Home Department/GAD Attestation.
  • Ministry of External Affairs Attestation.
  • Taiwan Embassy Attestation.

In the case of personal documents, they should first be attested from the State Home Department of the issuing state followed by the Ministry of External Affairs and finally 
Taiwan Embassy will complete the process by attesting the document.


List of Non-Education Documents


  1. Birth certificate Attestation
  2. Marriage Certificate Attestation
  3. Death certificate Attestation 
  4. PCC Certificate Attestation 
  5. General Power of Attorney Attestation 
  6. Fingerprints Certificate Embassy Attestation
  7. TC Certificate Attestation
  8. Etc.


Process for Commercial Documents -


  1. Chamber of commerce
  2. Ministry of External Affairs attestation
  3. Taiwan Embassy Attestation

If the attesting document is a commercial one, in that case, it must be attested by the Chamber of Commerce from where the company is registered. After that External Affairs will attest the document followed by Taiwan Embassy.


List of Commercial Document


  • Certificate of origin 
  • Memorandum of Association 
  • Article of Association 
  • Commercial invoices
  • Board of resolution 


Facilities of Genuine Attestation Services


  1. 24 X 7 Customer support 
  2. Single point of contact.
  3. 100% Guarantee of Genuine Attestation
  4. Guarantee of the safety of document.

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